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Dinosaurs Alive!

Step far back in time and discover some of the most amazing creatures to ever roam the Earth at Brookfield Zoo’s fantastic new Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit.

In an outdoor Jurassic Forest setting, you’ll find 18 life-size replica dinosaurs ranging from a four-foot-tall baby to a Ruyang Yellow River dinosaur that’s 60 feet long and 30 feet high. These animatronic creatures are fleshy to the touch, make a variety of sounds from loud roars to chirps, and make realistic movements.

Off the pathway you’ll spot the lizardlike Stegosaurus, three-horned Triceratops, flying Pteranodon, ever-popular meat-eating Tyrannosaurus rex, and other creatures. Use remote-control consoles to make an Apatosaurus baby, Baryonyx, Dilophosaurus, and Parasaurolophus move. You’ll also see a model of the Danshanpu Quarry, a dig site in Zigong, China, where paleontologists have recently discovered many dinosaur specimens. Junior paleontologists will enjoy unearthing replica fossils at an interactive dig site and having their photos taken with a Protoceratops.

Dinosaurs Alive! – which runs April 4 through October – is also educational and is based on the latest paleontological knowledge about the animals, habitats, adaptations and other factors.

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