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Must See U.S. Cities For Each And Every Vacationer

Traveling is a wonderful thing to do. If you leave home on a trip somewhere you’ve never been before, it can really expand your outlook on life. Whether you are just heading out for the weekend, or taking a multi week journey overseas, traveling is something that everybody should do at least once. If you are planning on taking a trip to or within the United States soon, then this article is for you. I’ll share with you the four top tourist destinations according to recent statistics.

Far and away, New York city is still the clear leader when it comes to visits from Americans. The city boasts a wide range of activities that can literally spend weeks exploring. You can catch an amazing play on Broadway, you can watch a baseball game in world famous Yankee Stadium or you can watch the world’s largest financial market in action as traders fight each other for the best deals.

Boston is another city that millions visit every year. This city is rich with American history as well as modern culture. Nothing compares to some hands on history lessons while walking around the city on their famous blue and red lines, and witnessing first hand some famous buildings and spots that shaped the birth of the most powerful nation on Earth. If you like museums and galleries, this city has those in abundance as well.

And it goes without saying that you must visit Los Angeles, in Southern California. Movie stars, the Hollywood Hills, and Dodger stadium are just few reasons to visit this world famous city. And if you are at all interested in Mexican food, then Olvera street is a must see. This is loaded with authentic and traditional Mexican food and music, and is something that you won’t soon forget. And when you take a walk down Hollywood boulevard, you can see the world famous walk of fame, where you can see the hand prints of famous movie stars along the sidewalk.

And surprisingly, Seattle is fast becoming one of the most visited cities in the United States. Perhaps it’s the coffee, or perhaps is the famous skyline, people from all over the world are making Seattle one of the hot spots that American tourists must visit at least once.

Of course, these cities are just a start if you really want to explore America. Some people take a couple weeks every summer, or whenever they have the most time off, and target one of these fantastic tourist destinations. Once you get started visiting these amazing cities, you’ll never want to stop, and it will be a yearly ritual.

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The Festival of Whales

Here is an Alaskan festival that is more on the focus for wildlife than anything else. The Whale Fest Kodiak.

The Whale Fest Kodiak is a week-long event that features the whales in their natural habitats. Commonly featured are the orca and the gray whales that pass through the small island of Kodiak, in Alaska. It’s more of a small scale festival, featuring several lectures about the whales, art shows and galleries, movie features, activities by the local schools and by the community as a whole.

The whole event actually lasts for ten days, in celebration of the migratory return of the whales from the Pacific Ocean to the waters of Alaska. The first inhabited stop is the island of Kodiak, off the gulf of Alaska. This is the height of whale-watching, and the visitors are not disappointed by the outcome. A lot of the resident whales aren’t camera shy, and some do well with posing for the cameras.

Admittedly, it is not the festival that draws the crowd in but the whales themselves, as their sheer and immense numbers are a rare thing to see. Most of the people consider whale-watching as the center of the festival, and the locals couldn’t digress with this fact. For after all, the festival started with the migratory routes of the whales.

This year, more events have been added to spice up the festival. Scientific lectures, music shows and games to forums; all focused to not only educate the guest, but to entertain as well. The festival also does well to bring income to the island of Kodiak. The community receives a lot of visitors on the height of the festival.

The festival is also a good nexus for school goers, those who want to see marine action up-close. Most schools take their kids up north for this annual event.

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