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The Natural Spa Resorts Of Mendoza And Bariloche, Argentina

Many tourists keep coming back to Argentina because of the country’s natural wonders including gorgeous glaciers, majestic mountains, and wonderful waterfalls. Argentina is also popular for being the departure point of Antarctica cruises, taking passengers all the way to Antarctica for the opportunity to see different species of penguins, seals, sea birds, and whales. The beauty of Argentina doesn’t stop here though because natural springs are also scattered across Bariloche and Mendoza – two of the country’s most touristy regions.

rgentina’s natural spa resorts are remotely located within ecological parks so tourists can truly relax and be one with nature. Whilst immersed in hot springs or baths, they can then enjoy the sight of mountains and greeneries which surround them. The natural springs situated within Argentina’s natural spa resorts are usually heated by nearby volcanoes but their warm waters may also come from mineral springs that are also close by. Other than hot rejuvenating baths, tourists can also benefit from the healing properties of these springs.

There are three natural spa resorts in Bariloche and these are the Lahuen Co Termas Epulafquen, the Copahue Thermal Spa and Hot Springs, and Thermal Spa Cavihue. In Mendoza however, there is only Termas Cacheuta. Every single one of these natural spas has something different for its guests, permanently setting their place as Argentina attractions.

The spring within Thermal Spa Cavihue has been popular among the locals for decades. They say that because of the spring’s mineral content, it has healing properties. Aside from Thermal Spa Cavihue’s healing spring though, the location is also known for the surrounding Copahue volcano, Lake Cavihue, and Andes peaks. Thus, tourists can enjoy looking at these landmarks while immersed in the spring’s healing waters.

Just a few miles away from Thermal Spa Cavihue is the Copahue Thermal Spa. This spa has more tourist friendly amenities with its pools of hot springs, vapor rooms, and thermal spas. Also within the spa are cold water rivers, creeks, and lakes. Tourists, therefore, are not limited to warm baths and could instead take refreshing cold baths in the midst of the heat. The Lahuen Co Termas de Epulafquen which is also in Bariloche also has a distinct spa experience, employing the same spa treatments as the Japanese and Greco-Romans. Among the spa’s amenities are lessons on tai chi and yoga, therapies, and massages.

ermas Cacheuta is the only natural spa in the Mendoza region of Argentina but it is among the country’s first natural spas as it was established in the early years of the 20th century. More of a spa resort, Termas Cacheuta has its own hotel where tourists can stay for days to weeks. This allows tourists more time to enjoy the resort’s outdoor thermal spas and natural spa treatments.

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