Exploring Six Wonderful States With New England Magazine

West coast travelers will delight in the scintillating sights that the famous northeastern region has to offer. Home of many historical spots, it has rich American and in some places French culture. People will enjoy the blend of both cultures featured in New England magazine.

New Hampshire is the first state to have severed its ties with Great Britain. It houses many scenic and historic landmarks. Manchester is considered as the largest town in the state and largest city in the whole region. Many people believe it to be tax friendly to its citizens.

Home to the famous Acadia National Park, Maine is a state surrounded by woods. Travelers delve into the fishing entertainment that this state boasts. Its two major cities take pride in its rich French Heritage. This is where the festival of balloons is celebrated every August.

Vermont and Rhode Island offer wonderful scenic backdrops. Vermont has the famous Green Mountain National Park. Rhode Island is famous for its many summer homes that have been converted to resorts for the public. The very first Baptist church in America can be found in Rhode Island.

Massachusetts is a state that is part of what is known to be the Knowledge Corridor since the world famous Harvard University is situated in this state. Its libraries rival to other museums for its complete set of textbooks from various authors and academic geniuses. The state has the Appalachian Trail and Cape Cod National Seashore as their nature tourist spots.

Equally magnificent is the state of the Connecticut which lies south of Massachusetts and north of the Yankee state. Its culture is greatly influenced by both states but still retains a bit of its own. The country’s oldest art museum is found in the capital city of Hartford. Yale University is also located in one of its town which was also the origin of the hamburger.

Exploring these glorious sights will give any traveler a taste of American culture. Patriotism is rich in the history of all six states and it is all written and chronicled in a New England magazine. Read more about: New England Magazine

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