Welcome Back Spring By Attending A Flower Festival

Just in case you have not noticed, flower festivals are popping up everywhere. After the winter’s coldness melts into green grass along with blossoming bushes, the flower festivals always complete a comeback, just as their honorary attendees frequently do. If you’re planning to have a spring trip to Charleston, South Carolina, look into attending the Summerville Flowertown Festival, just 30 minutes outside of Charleston. The festival should happen from April 1, 2011 to April 3, 2011 – and will host a weekend comprised of flowers, food and always festivities. It can be a wonderful place to visit on your Charleston getaway this spring.

Summerville, South Carolina, which can be found 30 minutes northwest of Charleston, is a quaint historic settlement which features lovely climate and eclectic yet comfortable shopping, dining and landscaping. The oak-lined streets play home to gracious southerners as well as curbside stores. The Ashley River keeps the grasses green and gardens full of freshness. The city’s yearly Flowertown Festival draws over 250,000 tourists during its three days.

The reknowned event was previously recognized as the Azalea Festival. And even though that nomenclature was in existence approximately 30 years ago, some people, primarily the elder locals, still mention the event by that name. The festival, which has consistently been called one of the Top 20 happenings inside the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society, acts as both a festival and fundraiser for the YMCA, allowing the group to participate in area outreach initiatives.

The festival is held in Azalea Park, and provides approximately 200 artists from throughout the country who wish to demonstrate their skills. Artist booths house paintings, pottery, sculptures, woodworks, needlework, ironworks, jewelry and various other first-rate and interesting crafts. If you happen to walk through the lines of booths, you can also find food and drinks. You can find kids amusement, such as games, rides, special arts and crafts projects and goodies, which will go on through the weekend.

Thanks to the warming breeze and sunny skies that accompany South Carolina during April, the Flowertown Festival is a excellent place to spend an entire day, or weekend. Oftentimes, people come back a second day to browse through things they could have omitted or make those last purchases.

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