A Guide To Dohuk Kurdistan Iraq

Dohuk is also spelt Duhok and it’s a cool town in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. It’s a place that is really worth checking out when you backpack through this region. It’s turning into a nice place to travel in so here’s an overview on top 5 things to see and do in the city.

5 Things to do in Dohuk

1. The Corniche Promenade

Running long and windingly through the city, and right out to Dohuk Dam, this trendy and smart looking promenade makes a fresh and relaxing walk. Students hang around to study, old men chat, kids mess around and the big city carries on regardless up above. I ended up walking almost the whole way along it. That was probably too much – it needs a bit of work done to it, but it’s pleasant enough.

2. Dohuk Dam and Dohuk Valley

The visit outside the city to the valley and dam is amazing. Dohuk dam has been built in some truly epic countryside. You can walk at your leisure all around this area. The valleys are in beautiful countryside.

The valley spreads far and wide and the views are worth it.

3. Waterfalls at Dohuk

First of all – these waterfalls are FAKE. They are not natural at all. We caught them out one morning while walking past they had turned one of them off!! However this doesn’t stop the locals going and enjoying them and you’ll want to get your photo taken anyway as you walk past.

4. Dohuk Bazaar

Markets and Bazaars in the Middle East are not just a way of life, they are an obsession. Dohuk, like the other towns and cities in Iraq, Iran and Turkey has a cool and quite a big bazaar. When backpacking here be sure to check this place out.

5. The Dohuk Art Gallery

The art gallery in Dohuk is worth a look to get a glimpse of real Kurdish and Iraqi art. Wander in for free and have a walk round at your own leisure and you will love it.

So you’ll not be short of things to do in Dohuk. There are also a load of cool restaurants including Omara Restaurant Dohuk and many in and around the bazaar. Smoking shish is a common pastime too on the streets – but its 100% guys doing it – as a foreigner you’d probably be the only girl there smoking.

To read a load more cool stories from wandering in Iraq head over to Jonny Blair’s incredible travel website which has tips and also features documents like travelling in Dohuk

Top 5 Most Interesting Aquariums In The US

When it comes to hotels, most people only think of them as places where you can stay when you are on vacation, or out for business. But, hotels can be so much more than this. The hotels in which you stay can become the perfect venue for many different events, and many awesome opportunities.

When you think about hosting your next event, you should consider using a hotel as your venue. It may seem like a crazy idea, but with hotels comes a place for people to stay, places to eat, conference rooms, and often a cozy and professional environment. By hosting an event in a hotel, you can save yourself time and hassle, and you will be able to be more happy and excited by your event, rather than stressing about the many different things you need to get done.

You should never be wondering about whether or not your hotel has towels included into your stay. Some things should always be included in your amenities. Maybe it is really important to have a coffee maker in your hotel or perhaps you just wish you had some extra pillows.

A trip to the Maritime aquarium will also give you a good variety of different aquatic sea life. From Large sand tiger sharks to little jelly fish, if you are looking for the best hotel in Stamford, make sure you check out the hotel packages or hotel deals because this place is a must if you are nearby.

This aquarium boast many awards from many different places such as “best tourist attraction” and “best summer camp for kids” and consequently lands its way on number three in this countdown. The Oregon coast aquarium has a feature that many places don’t have.

At more luxurious hotels, you may have to pay for the breakfast, but the quality of the breakfast might be much better. Many hotels even have room service. This allows you to order whatever you are feeling and have the hotel bring the food up to your room. If breakfast in bed is what you are after, ask the hotel before staying to know if they offer amenities such as this.

The Georgia aquarium in 2005 was rated the World’s largest aquarium and consequently will not let you down when you see it. Something so unique about this aquarium is the housing of massive whale sharks. This is the only aquarium outside of Asia that houses any. Going to see these behemoths can make any trip a memorable trip.

Number one on this list is found in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This large aquarium has loads of stingrays and sharks. The stingrays love to be seen and can be seen eating from the divers hands in the large tanks. This amazing aquarium even has a sand tiger shark. These sharks can get to a length of 13 feet! Ripley’s aquarium is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking to have a fun time.

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